Alumni are the most precious asset of the alma mater, the most important social resource, and the greatest support for the development of the university.

In order to provide a platform for alumni, teachers, and students in the school to interact, various departments have established departmental alumni associations.




Department Established in
1 Discipline of Accounting, College of Management 2000
2 Discipline of Business Management, College of Management 2002
3 Department of Information Communication 2002
4 Discipline of International Business, College of Management 2003
5 Discipline of Organization Management, College of Management 2003
6 Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 2003
7 Department of Mechanical Engineering 2004
8 Discipline of Finance, College of Management 2004
9 Department of Computer Science and Engineering 2004
10 Department of Industrial Engineering and Management 2005
11 Department of Information Management 2005
12 Department of Electrical Engineering 2005
13 Department of Social and Policy Sciences 2005
14 Department of Applied Chinese Language and Literature 2007
15 Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics 2007
16 Department of Chinese Linguistics and Literature 2007
17 Master Program in Art Management, Department of Art and Design 2007
18 Graduate Program in Social Informatics 2008
19 EMBA Alumni Association 2010