Yuan Ze University Distinguished Alumni Selection Regulations

Approved by the 97-6 Administrative Meeting on November 24, 2008 
Amended and approved by the 102-11 Administrative Meeting on December 25, 2013
Amended and approved by the 106-10 Administrative Meeting on December 20, 2017
Amended and approved by the 107-05Administrative Meeting on October 17, 2018
Amended and approved by the 111-05Administrative Meeting on September 28, 2022

Article 1: In order to recognize the outstanding contributions of our alumni to the university and society, enhance the university's reputation, and inspire future generations, these "Yuan Ze University Distinguished Alumni Selection Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") are hereby established.

Article 2: Any alumni who have graduated or withdrawn from the university and meet one of the following qualifications may be candidates for Distinguished Alumni:

  1. Those who have outstanding achievements in their profession or career.
  2. Those who have made special contributions to society.
  3. Those who have made significant contributions to the development of the university.

Article 3: Nominations may be made through the following means:

  1. Recommendations from the Alumni Association, regional alumni associations, or departmental alumni associations.
  2. Recommendations from each college or department.
  3. Recommendations from the Selection Committee.
  4. Recommendations signed by five or more alumni.

Article 4: Selection shall proceed as follows:

  1. The "Distinguished Alumni Selection Committee" shall consist of 9 to 15 members, including internal and external individuals appointed by the President and alumni representatives. The Vice President shall serve as the convener. Any Selection Committee member who was nominated as a candidate in the current year must recuse themselves.
  2. The Distinguished Alumni Selection Committee meeting shall be held with the presence of over half of its members, and the candidate must receive the approval of over two-thirds of the attending members to be recognized as a Distinguished Alumni.
  3. Up to five individuals may be recognized as Distinguished Alumni each year.

Article 5: The Distinguished Alumni Selection Committee shall announce the schedule for the selection process, and recommending entities should submit their nominations in accordance with the schedule, sending them to the Selection Committee. The list of Distinguished Alumni candidates will not be publicly disclosed during the nomination and evaluation process.

Article 6: Distinguished Alumni shall be publicly recognized by the President at significant university gatherings, and they shall receive the Distinguished Alumni trophy and certificate. Their outstanding achievements will be featured in university publications and on social media platforms to highlight their accomplishments.

Article 7: Distinguished Alumni are expected to promote the university's educational philosophy and achievements actively and contribute to the university's development.

Article 8: If a Distinguished Alumni's behavior damages the university's reputation, the Selection Committee may decide to revoke their Distinguished Alumni status.

Article 9: These Regulations shall be implemented after approval by the Administrative Council, and any amendments shall also follow the same process.