YZU Distinguished Alumni

元智第五屆傑出校友YZU 5th Distinguished Alumni

洪敦謙(洪馬克)Hung Tun Chien(Mark Ang)
洪敦謙(洪馬克)Hung Tun Chien(Mark Ang)

Bachelor Degree in Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (graduated in 2004)

Taiwanese Curator / Director of Commercials, Documentaries, and Short Films / Educator in Filmmaking and Videomaking

❱ His short film "Replace" has achieved 58 film festival records worldwide. 

❱ He is the founder of the Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards and the Executive Director of the 58th Asia-Pacific Film Festival. 

❱ He has represented the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan at the Belize International Film Festival, delivering keynote speeches, and has spoken several times at TEDx events, currently a director at MOZO Visual Design Co., Ltd.

秦家騏 Peter Chin
秦家騏 Peter Chin

Bachelor's & Master’s degree in College of Management (graduated in 2001&2002)

Chairman of Spirox Corporation

❱ In 2011, founded an investment management company, currently managing funds exceeding USD 150 million. With extensive experience in capital markets in Taiwan and the Greater China region, the investment portfolio spans logistics, education, technology, catering, creative industries, channels, environmental sustainability, and more. Investments include Kang Chiao International School in China, Yuan You Enterprise Co., Ltd., Lebledor F&B Co., Ltd., and others. Assists in expanding operational scale and capital market operations.

❱ Additionally, invested in Spirox Corporation, joined the management team in 2018, and served as Vice Chairman of Spirox Corporation Group. Collaborated with the founder to lead the company through a transformation, overcoming challenges such as losing major agency rights, gradually turning losses into profits. Took over as Chairman of Spirox Corporation Group at the end of 2022. 

劉俊言 Chun-Yen Liu
劉俊言 Chun-Yen Liu

Bachelor's degree in Department of Information Management, College of Informatics (graduated in 1988)

Chief Investment Officer of AIA Singapore

❱ In May 2021, recognized as one of the "Top 50 Best Women Investment Managers" globally by Institutional Investor magazine.

❱ In April 2023, appointed as a board member of the Asian Investors Climate Change Alliance (AIGCC).

❱ Since January 2021, currently serving as the Chairperson of the Life Insurance Association Singapore-Investment Subcommittee. Actively promotes various investment-related issues within the life insurance industry in Singapore.

❱ In November 2022, led a team to launch the first sustainable diversified fund in the Singapore investment-linked insurance market, known as the AIA Sustainable Multi-Thematic Fund. This fund provides clients with direct investment opportunities in diverse environmentally friendly industries and wealth growth.

❱ In July 2019, led a team to introduce the first exclusive growth fund in 18 markets for AIA. This fund has been the highest-capitalized new fund in Singapore's investment-linked insurance funds over the past four years.

劉榮宗 Richard Liu
劉榮宗 Richard Liu

Ph.D. in Department of Electrical Engineering(Group B), College of Electrical and Communication Engineering (graduated in 2022)

Chairman of WavePro Inc., General Manager of Emtrek Technologies Corporation

❱ Established WavePro Inc. in 1993 and Emtrek Technologies Corporation in 2009.

❱ Served as Vice Chairman of the Microwave Society of the Republic of China from 2013 to 2014, Chairman from 2015 to 2019, and Executive Director from 2019 to 2022. Currently serving as a Supervisor, contributing to the continuous development of the domestic microwave field.

❱ Currently the Chairman of the Electrical Engineering Alumni Association (Group B) and generously contributes to the Electrical Engineering Department (Group B) scholarship, actively mobilizing alumni to give back to the alma mater.

❱ The Chairman of the 8th Board of Directors of the Asia-Pacific Financial Research and Development Foundation since June 12, 2020, assisting in promoting financial and economic policies in Taiwan.

❱ In 2021, participated in the Advanced Systems Research Center at National Defense University as a committee member. He also played a key role in the establishment of the Taiwan Systems Engineering Association, being elected as a member of the first board, actively promoting the application of systems engineering technology in Taiwan's defense and aerospace industries.

蔡錦松 Chin-Sung Tsai
蔡錦松 Chin-Sung Tsai

Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, College of Engineering (graduated in 1985&1987)

General Manager of Gold Circuit Electronics Ltd.

❱ During the period of 2003-2005, served as Assistant Manager at I-SEE VISION TECHNOLOGY INC., successfully increasing the production capacity of disposable contact lenses from 10,000 pieces/month to 300,000 pieces/month, and improving the yield from 30% to 75%.

❱ From 2005 to 2011, held the position of Plant Manager at Gold Circuit Electronics Ltd. Taiwan Factory, establishing a consumer electronics product line. Elevated monthly revenue from NT$600 million to NT$1 billion and achieved a monthly profit exceeding NT$100 million.

❱ From 2015 to 2018, served as Taiwan Plant Manager while also holding the position of Vice General Manager at the Suzhou plant. Transformed the Suzhou plant from a monthly loss of NT$60 million to a profit of NT$100 million.

❱ Since 2019, has been serving as the General Manager of King's Electronic Factory, achieving a monthly profit of NT$200 million for the Taiwan plant and NT$250 million for the Suzhou plant.

元智第四屆傑出校友YZU 4th Distinguished Alumni

吳炳鈞 Oliver Wu
吳炳鈞 Oliver Wu

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Informatics (graduated in 1994)

CEO of GAIA Information Technology

❱ Formerly worked as a consultant for Microsoft Taiwan and held a senior managerial position at Acer Information. Currently serving as the CEO of Gaia Information, offering comprehensive consultancy services in cybersecurity, cloud computing, network acceleration, SSL certificates, and more.

❱ Despite achieving success in entrepreneurship, he has not forgotten his alma mater's nurturing. Since the 2018 academic year, their entrepreneurial company has continuously supported the Scholarship Program, providing financial aid to financially disadvantaged Yuan Ze University students. They have also donated nearly 400,000 NT dollars in scholarships to the university. His dedication and actions have earned them the "Donation to Education Award" from the Ministry of Education in 2020 and 2021, making him as an exemplary role model for fellow students.

周青永 Ching-Yung, Chou
周青永 Ching-Yung, Chou

Department of Information Communication, College of Informatics (graduated in 2004)

Artistic Director of Condé Nast Taiwan

❱ A member of the Taipei Design and Art Guidance Association and has also served as a resident judge for the CSS Design Awards.

❱ Renowned for being a leader and initiator of the first successful NFT cover project in the global Vogue market. They also organized Taiwan's first NFT cover auction, achieving an impressive result of 30 ether coins, equivalent to approximately 2.5 million New Taiwan Dollars based on the exchange rate at that time. Chou was invited to share their insights and experiences through lectures.

❱ In 2020, Ching-Yung Chou's immersive AR street experience, "Fashion Gamer," featured at Taipei Fashion Week, earned two bronze awards at the 2021 Digital Point Awards in the categories of "Best Digital Technology Application" and "Best Technological Innovation." This AR experience was also the largest in scale in Taiwan for that year.

張丙秋 Bing-Chiou, Chang
張丙秋 Bing-Chiou, Chang

Master of Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, College of Engineering (graduated in 1993)

CEO of Far Eastern New Century Co., Ltd

❱ Played a significant role in expanding industry-academia collaboration and leveraging the resources of the Far Eastern Group. This partnership led to the establishment of an "Enterprise Academy" in collaboration with Yuan Ze University, offering diverse programs aimed at nurturing talent in the business sector.

❱ Furthermore, he has facilitated cooperation between Far Eastern Advanced Fibers Corporation and Yuan Ze University's Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. Together, they have been involved in the "Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau's Smart Machinery Industry-Academia Promotion Program," with over a hundred students having participated in this initiative to date.

陳學仕 Hsueh-Shih, Chen
陳學仕 Hsueh-Shih, Chen

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, College of Engineering (graduated in 1998)

Professor of Department of Materials, Tsinghua University

Notable Experiences:

- Director of the Advanced Materials Industry-University Ph.D. Program at the College of Engineering, National Tsing Hua University from August 2021 to August 2022.

- Director of the Taipei Branch of the Society for Information Display (SID) from September 2021 to the present.

- Research Fellowship from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) in the United Kingdom from 2012 to 2014.

- Visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge in the UK and a Fellow in Life and - Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham in the UK from 2012 to 2013.

- Special researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan from 2009 to 2010.

黃盛銘 Sheng-Ming, Huang
黃盛銘 Sheng-Ming, Huang

Executive Master of Business Administration Program, College of Management (graduated in 2015)

CEO of Deshin Furniture Chain Company

❱ After graduating, Huang has been actively involved in promoting on-campus curriculum affairs, serving as a committee member for the three-year EMBA program for the academic years 109 to 111.

❱ He was also the President of the Yuan Ze EMBA Golf Association from 2015 to 2016 and continued to contribute even after stepping down from this position. In addition, he actively participates in various activities of the College of Management and the university at large, as well as in EMBA club activities and representative competitions, demonstrating his commitment to giving back to his alma mater.

❱ Notably, he established the "Yuan Ze University College of Management DeHome Furniture – Wei Wu De Xing Scholarship" to support financially disadvantaged students in the College of Management. Starting from the 2018 academic year, the scholarship has been aiding outstanding underprivileged students in completing their studies. In the 2019 academic year, he donated 500,000 NT dollars to the College of Management, earning him the "Donation to Education Award" from the Ministry of Education in 2021.

元智第三屆傑出校友YZU 3rd Distinguished Alumni

王年清 Nien-Ching, Wang
王年清 Nien-Ching, Wang

Executive Master of Business Administration Program,College of Management (graduated in 2006)

General Manager of Symtek Automation Asia

❱ He has been actively involved in university affairs, serving as a curriculum committee member and providing valuable advice for the development of the university.

❱ He has received numerous accolades throughout his career, including the "Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of the Republic of China," the "National Outstanding Manager Award," the "MVP Manager Award," and the "National Rock Award."

❱ Furthermore, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting and giving back to his alma mater. He has not only provided substantial assistance to financially disadvantaged students but has also sponsored the Zhi Net Scholarship Program and the Infinite Peace Scholarship Project. Additionally, he has actively contributed to industry-academia cooperation and has made significant contributions to society through his involvement in projects such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Talent Rooting Program and the Metal Industry Smartization Enhancement Program. Since 2017, he has cumulatively donated over 900,000 New Taiwan Dollars. His selfless dedication and generosity have enabled younger generations to pursue excellence and achieve their dreams. In recognition of his contributions, he received the "Donation to Education Award" from the Ministry of Education in 2020 and 2021.

徐衍璞 Yean-Pu, Shu
徐衍璞 Yean-Pu, Shu

Master of Department of Information Management, College of Informatics (graduated in 2002)

General of Army Headquarters, Ministry Of National Defense, R.O.C

❱ He has held several key positions in the military, including Executive Officer of the Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Chief of Staff of the 10th Army Corps, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Army, Director of the Personnel Office, and Commander of the 6th Army Corps. During his tenure as the Commander of the 6th Army Corps, he encouraged military personnel to pursue further education and established a strategic alliance with Yuan Ze University. This collaboration led to the establishment of master's programs in cooperation with the Department of Information Management and the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, aimed at enhancing the quality of human resources in the national military.

❱ Additionally, while serving as the Director of the Personnel Management Office and Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel at the Ministry of National Defense, Shu actively promoted the digitization of personnel operations within the military to improve overall personnel operation efficiency.

張進益 Chin-Yi, Chang
張進益 Chin-Yi, Chang

Master of Department of Social and Policy Sciences, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (graduated in 2015)

CEO of Adolescents' Home, Taoyuan, Prison Fellowship Taiwan

❱ He is actively involved in social work, particularly in providing support to at-risk youth. He has founded the "Da Gai Orchestra" and has conducted over 500 anti-drug advocacy events in various government agencies, schools, prisons, and other venues.

❱ Additionally, Chang served as the anti-drug spokesperson for the Taoyuan City Government's Youth Affairs Bureau from 2017 to 2019 (106-108 years). During this time, he promoted life education, contributing to social stability and harmony.

梁晃千Huang-Chien, Liang
梁晃千Huang-Chien, Liang

Bachelor of Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, College of Engineering (graduated in 1998)

Chairman and General Manager of Wiltrom Co., Ltd.

❱ He has been actively involved in supporting departmental work, including acting as an industry mentor, sharing his experiences, organizing corporate visits, and providing services to fellow alumni. He has played a significant role in connecting alumni with departmental faculty, offering advice for departmental development, and making substantial contributions.

❱ He has received numerous awards, including the "Economic Ministry's SBIR Development Alliance Award," "National Innovation Award for Enterprises/Research and Development Category," "Taipei Biotech Award – Outstanding Category," "Taiwan Excellence Award," "SME Innovation Research Award," "Outstanding SBIR Industrial Contribution Award," "Hsinchu Science Park Excellent Manufacturer Innovative Product Award," and "Pharmaceutical Technology Research and Development Award."

❱ Furthermore, in collaboration with his alma mater, he has contributed to building an intelligent conference room, as well as a teaching module and exhibition area of industrial standards. He has also participated in training seed teachers for smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0) courses.

❱ Since 2019, he has been a long-term donor and motivator, encouraging younger students to study and grow. He has provided substantial support for the development of the department by offering outstanding executive scholarships and course scholarships. He has also sponsored activities related to alumni, making him a strong pillar of the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department.

葉廼廸 Nai-Ti, Yeh
葉廼廸 Nai-Ti, Yeh

Executive Master of Business Administration Program,College of Management (graduated in 2003)

Chairman of ICP DAS Co., Ltd.

❱ She has been actively engaged in university affairs, including serving as an industry mentor, sharing her experiences, and contributing to the scholarship funds for outstanding students in the College of Management.

❱ In collaboration with her alma mater, she has been instrumental in establishing an intelligent conference room, an educational module, and a teaching demonstration area on par with industry standards. She has also participated in training seed teachers for smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0) courses.

❱ Starting from 2013, Yeh has been actively involved in educational initiatives, making significant contributions to the field. She has made long-term donations totaling over 4 million New Taiwan Dollars to the College of Management's scholarship funds. These contributions have provided a secure learning environment for financially disadvantaged junior students, offering substantial support to over a hundred students. In recognition of her philanthropic efforts, she received the "Silver Quality Award" and the "Donation to Education Award" from the Ministry of Education in 2020 and 2021, respectively. In 2023, she was elected as the inaugural President of the College of Management Alumni Association, playing a crucial role in advancing educational initiatives.

元智第二屆傑出校友YZU 2nd Distinguished Alumni

陳根德 Ken-Te, Chen
陳根德 Ken-Te, Chen

Master of Department of Social and Policy Sciences, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (graduated in 2000)

Chairman of Gen Mont Biotech Incorporation, Member of the 4th-8th Legislative Yuan, R.O.C

❱ He has an extensive political background, having previously held the position of Legislative Yuan legislator for the fourth to eighth terms and also served as the Taoyuan County Council Speaker.

❱ He has actively contributed to and promoted major national transportation and economic development projects, including widening National Highway No. 2 for the Taoyuan Aerotropolis, adding the National Freeway No. 1's WuGuang Elevated Road, and advancing the Airport MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) project.

元智第一屆傑出校友YZU 1st Distinguished Alumni

張永青 Yung-Ching, Chang
張永青 Yung-Ching, Chang

Executive Master of Business Administration Program, College of Management (graduated in 2000)

Senior Deputy General Manager of Compal Electronics, Inc.(retired)

❱ He has been actively involved in promoting collaboration between Yuan Ze University, Tsinghua University, and other educational institutions and various industries to facilitate communication between the academic and industrial sectors.

❱ He also founded the Management Elite Association and served as its first and second President. During his tenure as President of the Chinese Management Elite Association, he organized numerous academic seminars, practical business events, and cultural exchange activities, totaling twenty events. Additionally, he regularly published electronic newsletters for the association's members.

謝秀能 Hsiu-Neng, Hsieh
謝秀能 Hsiu-Neng, Hsieh

Executive Master of Business Administration Program, College of Management (graduated in 2002)

Council member of the 12th Examination Yuan, R.O.C (retired)

❱ Throughout his various roles, Hsiu-Neng Hsieh has demonstrated profound knowledge, exceptional leadership and management skills, meticulous thinking, a strong work ethic, and a high level of responsibility. His outstanding contributions in maintaining social order and safety have earned him widespread acclaim and recognition, making him a role model for the police force.

❱ He has received numerous awards and honors for his exemplary service, including the Executive Yuan's Personnel Officer Model Medal, the Executive Yuan's Special Merit and Honor Commendation Medal, the Ministry of the Interior's Second Class Second Grade Merit Police Medal, the Ministry of the Interior's Third Class First Grade Merit Police Medal, the 10-Year Second Class Second Grade Merit Police Medal, the 20-Year Second Class First Grade Merit Police Medal, and the 30-Year First Class Second Grade Merit Police Medal, among various other police model medals. He was also honored as the Model Policeman of the Taipei City Police Department for the 28th and 30th terms in 1992 and 1994, respectively.