Student Gender Equality Incident Investigation Application


🧡Secretariat Office/ Gender Equality Education Committee - Gender Equality Zone

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🧡Office of Student Affairs / Gender Equality Affirmative

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💜Student Survey Application

🔹Receiving channel: Headquarters of Office of Student Affairs

As stated in Article 9 of the Implementation Measures for the Prevention, Control, and Handling of Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment or Bullying on Campus, if any incidents of sexual harassment or bullying occur on the campus, students can file a complaint with the Headquarters of the Office of Student Affairs. Within three days of receiving the complaint, the Gender Equality Council will investigate the case and process all the evidence submitted.


🔹Please visit the gender equality section of the school's website to download the application form.

If you need the English version, please contact the Gender Equality Association’s undertaker to collect it: Ms.PAN, Secretary's Office, Tel:(886)03-4638800 ext.2030 , E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


🔹Application submission location: third floor of Activities Center R8304, the appeal mailbox outside the office (24 hours).

During working hours, administrative staff of the school can directly bring the documents to the Headquarters of the Office of Student Affairs and hand them over to office colleagues.