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Introduction to Campus Cafeterias


The on-campus dining areas are Xingxiang Food Court (1st dormitory), Lexue Food Court (3rd dormitory) and Teaching Area,where are managed by the Student Housing Service Section. The Health Sanitation Section is responsible for inspecting these dining areas.

 The guideline for food service is to provide inexpensive food meeting the standards of hygiene. All discounts provided by these cafeterias will be announced via e-mails.

 Through the feedback questionnaire in every semester, cafeterias are evaluated, and suggestions for improvement are given based on the needs and feedback from students, staff and faculty members. Also,  the YZU Business Guidance Committee will ensure the quality and safety of food provided by the cafeterias.

 All on-campus cafeterias use reusable tableware, which are washed at high temperatures using dishwasher following the environmental protection policies and ensure students’ safe dining experience.

For any suggestions regarding the food service on campus, please contact the Student Housing Service Section at ext. 2869.



ღ   菜單目錄  Menu 

第一宿舍 星象美食廣場 Dorm#1 XingXiang Food Court        。

自助餐 Buffet仙桃總鋪 Xian-Taoquick meal Store陽光早餐屋 Yang-Guang Breakfast Store

冰窖水果部 Smiling Orange興仁食堂 Xingren Food Store / 陶邑心情 Taoyi Mood Restaurant

喜樂早餐店 Xi-Le Breakfast Store丼心丼元智店 Dong-Sin-Dong Store 


第三宿舍 樂學美食廣場 Dorm#3 Lexue Food Court          。

美而美 Mei-Er-Mei Breakfast Store太發龍 Taifalong meishi Store玉食屋 Gyoku Syoku Ya Store /

尚軒拉麵 Shangxuan Ramen Store A華滷味 A-Hua Braised Food Store 熊大鍋燒 Xiong-da Exquisite Pot Roast 

好食廚房 Hao Shi Kitchen Store 阿水伯豆花 Old Sweetmeat Store / 夏日橙果 Summer Orange Store

泰隆王泰式料理 Tai Lang Wang Thai Cuisint

 。活動中心   1F Activity Center 1F                   。

天河書屋 Milkyway Bookstore 


 。校園教學區  Teaching Area                      。

小木屋 Wooden House Fast Food Stall卡利亞里 Cagliari Restaurant


ღ   素食菜單  Vegetarian Menu  


   優惠資訊  Promotional Information 



ღ   假日輪值表  Holiday Duty Schedule  



ღ   商家聯絡資訊  Merchant Contact Information   



ღ   商家區域位置圖  Location Map