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Off Campus Service Learning Forms 

  • Activity Hours Certification
  • Course Hours Certification
  • Service-Learning Exemption
  • Transfer Student Credit Exemption

Club Expense Reimbursement Forms

  1. School Receipt for Reimbursement
  2. Instructor Receipt for Reimbursement
  3. Blank Expenditure Certificate Form
  4. Club Expense Execution Effectiveness Form
  5. Club Activity Expense Receipt Attachment Form
  6. Club Expense Reimbursement Explanation (Presentation File)

Ministry of Education Summer/Winter Camp Application Forms

  1. Club Camp Activity Application Form
  2. Service Activity Proposal (Blank Template)
  3. Service Activity Cooperation Agreement (Two Copies, Blank Template)
  4. Service Activity Reflection Journal (Blank Template)
  5. Feedback Questionnaire from Service Organization (Blank Template)
  6. Activity Achievement Report (Blank Template)
  7. Achievement Portfolio of Service Activities by YZU Student Clubs (Blank Template)

    (Click to view the sample template of the Club Camp Activity Application Form)

Club Administrative Forms

  • Equipment, Facilities, and Venue:

  1. Club Equipment Purchase Request Form
  2. Club Venue Booking Application Form
  • Club Account Opening and Changes:
  1. Club Account - New Account Application Form
  2. Club Account - Changes Application Form
  • Club Organization:

  1. List of Student Club Executives
  2. Roster of Student Club Members
  • Club Dissolution:
  1. Special Report Form for Student Club Matters
  2. Club Dissolution Application Form
  • Service Hours (Community Partnership/Education Priority Zone Camps):
  1. Service Hour Certification Form for Club Activities
  • Five-categorical Activities Transcript:
  1. Five-categorical Activities Certification Application Form
  • Other:

  1. Survey Form for Club English Name
  2. Bilingual Poster Wording - Club Use
  3. Club Activity Certificate

Club Activity Achievement Award Application Form

  1. Yuan Ze University "Service, Activity, Talent Award" Application Form
  2. Yuan Ze University "Service-Learning Scholarship" Application Form
  3. Medal Application Related Document Submission Checklist


Establishing new club applications (please hand over the following 6 materials)

Applications of extracurricular activities (Please hand over the following 7 materials to extracurricular activities section three days before activity day )

Club instructor's forms

Club evaluation forms