Yuan Ze University Student Group Insurance Application Process


. Fill out the application form

  1. The application form is available in the Health Sanitary Section or you can download it on the website.

  2. Fill out the (*) marked columns in the form and sign your name at the beneficiary section.(If you are under 20 , the sign from your statutory representative is replaced.)

. Attached documents

(Including the original certificates, receipts and a photocopy from the passbook cover page)

  1. The date of the hospitalization must be indicated in the certificate. (Applying the certificate after the end of whole treatment is recommended)

  2. Photocopy receipts needs to be stamped by the medical institution to declare that is identical to the reserved copy.

  3. The name appeared in the passbook must be identical to the beneficiary.

 If applicant is under 20, the statutory representative’s account is allowed. (Supporting document , such as a transcript of household certificate or ID card , on his/her relationship with the beneficiary shall be otherwise attached.)


  1. If you seek treatment from different medical institutions, certificates and receipts from each individual institution are required.

  2. X-ray film is required to be attached in any format (CD , USB …etc) if you have x-ray checking in fracture case.

. Submit all the required documents to Health Sanitary Section

  1. Applying Time : 9:00AM~16:30PM Monday to Friday

  2. The insurance company retrieves documents on every Wednesday. It requires approximately 14 working days for the insurance company to process your applications and remit the payment into the account that you provided. Please make sure that the amount of the payment is correct.

  3. For any questions, please contact the Health Sanitary Section.



Student Travel Insurance 

Application for student travel insurance:

1. Those who want to apply student travel insurance for a group trip must submit their individual ID numbers, names, birth dates to the faculty staff who is responsible for the business. 

2. The applicants under age 20 must submit the required information mentioned above plus a written endorsement including personal signature from their guardian. 

3. The applicant must complete the insurance application at the university’s Sanitary and Health Care Section at least three days before departure. Those who need a receipt of the insurance premium may come to the section a week after their trip for collection.

4. Please refer to the following figures regarding the premium of student travel insurance ranging from a one-day journey to a seven-day journey:  Please contact the Section for a journey which to last for more than seven days.

5. Don’t forget to protect yourself anytime when you enjoy a wonderful trip!