Guidelines for Referral

Counseling and Career Development Section of the Office of Academic Affairs at Yuan-Ze University

1.What is Referral?

When students encounter difficulties in their psychological, learning, or career aspects, after discussing with them, you believe that intervention from psychological counseling resources can more effectively help them alleviate their troubles. With the consent of the students involved, they are referred into the counseling system. This is what we call ' Referral '."

Psychological counseling is a journey that helps individuals better understand themselves and promotes personal growth. Counselors accompany students in addressing their emotions and challenges, engaging in collaborative discussions to determine the focus and depth of their work together. Through counseling, students gain insight into themselves, navigate life's challenges, and improve their ability to adapt to their surroundings.

2.When is Referral Needed?

Referral is necessary when a student displays the following signs, which may indicate underlying issues:

  • Expressing thoughts of suicide in conversation or on social media.
  • Suffering from prolonged emotional distress, including self-harm tendencies.
  • Facing crises such as domestic violence, intimate partner violence, or gender-related incidents like sexual harassment, sexual assault, bullying, or stalking.
  • Severe psychological distress or suspected mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, or panic disorders.
  • Recent significant emotional or behavioral changes (abnormal behavior).
  • Facing recent traumatic or distressing events (e.g., breakup, loss of a loved one).
  • A history of frequent substance use or alcohol consumption.
  • Feeling uncertain about career direction.
  • A noticeable decline in academic performance.
  • Social isolation or withdrawal causing peer distress.


3.How to Make a Referral?

  • After filling out the referral form in the Mentor Care System, submit it and contact either Ms. Peng (ext. 2916) or Ms. Guo (ext. 2843), the counselors.
  • Send an email to the mailbox “This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..” The Counseling and Career Development Section is located in Room 8302 on the 3rd floor of the Student Activity Center.



Supervisor/Counseling Psychologist

College of Management

Supervisor: Yuhsuan, Chang

College of Engineering

Departmental Counselor: Chi-hao, LIN

College of Informatics

Departmental Counselor: Hui-Ru, Wu

College of Management

Departmental Counselor: Wan-Jung, Chen

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Departmental Counselor: Shu-Ping, Wu

(Head of Case Management)

College of Electrical and Communication Engineering

Departmental Counselor: Hung-An, Tu

Graduate Institute of Medicine / Nursing, and English program in all Department

Departmental Counselor: Ying-Tong, Guo

International and Students (across all departments)

Counselor for international students: Hsin-Yi, Peng

  1. Referral of High-Risk Students

In the case of emergencies such as suicide, self-harm, harming others, violent incidents, severe conflicts, criminal issues, significant accidents, and other emergencies, please directly call the 24-hour duty line at 03-4553698 for the Military Training Office. Instructors will handle crisis management, follow proper reporting procedures, and refer the case to the Counseling and Career Section of the Office of Academic Affairs, and relevant departments.