The Approvable Process of Off-campus Service Learning Hours


According to the Implementation Measures for Service Learning Education Article 9, the third point of the service learning deduction rule: 

During the period of schooling, participating in courses or activities related to service learning that held by government institutions or public welfare organizations and without consideration relationship, can apply for a deduction of the Service Learning course or activity hours according to the actual hours from the end of the activity to the end of the semester, up to 18 hours.

The Approval Process:

Prepare the following two documents and send them to the Extracurricular Activity Section (R8301) to conduct the credit deduction.

  1. Government institutions or public welfare organizations issue copies of relevant certificates for Service Learning.
  2. Yuan Ze University Service Learning Activity/Course Journal.
  3. Application time: Proposed within two weeks at the beginning of each semester (if there is a regular holiday, it will be postponed by 1 day).

Yuan Ze University Service Learning activity/course journal can be found on the website of the Student Affairs Office: School Administrative Business → Student Affairs Office → Extracurricular Activities → Form Download