【Extracurricular Activities Announcement】Announcement for New Club Formation

🎉🎉🎉Announcement for New Club Formation🎉🎉🎉

Is there a club at Yuan Ze University that you're passionate about?
Do you have ambitious ideas but nowhere to pursue them?
Would you like to create a new community on campus?
Well, the opportunity is here!
Your dreams could become a reality if you meet the following establishment criteria
and prepare the necessary application documents.
**Establishment Criteria:**
1. The club's purpose must be appropriate.
2. There should be no other similar or identical clubs on campus.
3. A minimum of 10 members is required.
4. For detailed club formation guidelines, please refer to Yuan Ze University's
Extracurricular Activities Guidance.
**Application Documents:**
(Visit Yuan Ze University's website > Administrative Units > Office of Student Affairs >
Extracurricular Activities > Download Forms > Select "New Club Establishment
Application Form" to download and complete.)
1. Club Establishment Application Form (must include Chinese and English club
2. Qualifications of the Club Leader.
3. Qualifications of the Club Advisor.
4. Club Constitution.
5. Club Calendar of Activities.
6. Roster of Club Members.
**Application Notes:**
Applications that meet any of the following conditions will not be approved:
1. Unclear club purpose.
2. Existence of the same club on campus.
3. Concerns regarding personal safety.
4. Violations of laws, university regulations, public order, or social norms.
5. Lack of suitable campus space.
6. Any other potential controversies.
**Application Period:**
From now until October 9, 2023 (Monday).
Don't miss out; you'll have to wait another six months if you do!
**Application Location:**
Please submit the relevant documents to the Extracurricular Activities Division (Room 8301R,
3rd floor of the Activity Center) within the application period.
Office of Student Affairs, Extracurricular Activities Division.
(Contact Person: Annie Extension:2241)