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Digital Universe

Services available at Digital Universe, Floor 1, YZU Library are as follows:(Only for YZU users)

  • Academic information retrieval
  • Use of Library collections
  • Use of audio-visual materials
  • Network printer

Information retrieval areas are available on all floors.

Please note: Patrons must comply with Library rules on the use of in-Library facilities.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Librarians-in-charge at the Circulation Desk.


Borrow/Book Group Discussion Room

Group Discussion Rooms are available for use by faculty, staff and students of Yuan Ze University on all floors.

How to book: Enter online booking system Book a Group Discussion Room

For regulations on the use of Group Discussion Room, please refer to Yuan Ze University Digital Group Discussion Rooms Policy

Photocopy/Print Services

Types of printing, locations and charges



Color Printing/copying

Black & White Printing/copying

2nd Floor


NT$1 per A4 page

NT$2 per A3 page

1st Floor

NT$5 per A4 page

NT$10 per A3 page



Where to buy and how to use

Easycards can be purchased and value added at campus convenience stores. For printing and copying operations, please refer to the instructions in the Digital Universe and copier rooms, respectively.

影印室 影印室

Wireless Internet/Intercampus Roaming Services

The Library provides wireless LAN cards for use by the faculty, staff and students of Yuan Ze University. Authenticated library users are eligible for wireless Internet services. Off-campus users can access YZU wireless Internet through intercampus roaming services.

For relevant information, please refer to FAQ.


 Book Return Drop Box

  • Patrons can use the drop box located at the entrance of the YZU Library to return books and their attachments. Book and audio-visual materials attached shall be returned into different slots.
  • Damaged, dampened, oversized and interlibrary loan books should not be returned to the drop box. Patrons who do not observe the aforesaid rule must be liable for any damaged and lost returned items.
  • The Return Dates of books left in the drop box shall be the dates when the librarians collect books. For information on borrowing book records, please refer to online Library service system.

For relevant regulations, please refer to 

Yuan Ze University Library Book Drop Box Policy

Yuan Ze University Regulations on Library Circulation Services



  • Both coin-operated and open lockers located on the first floor are available for use by Library patrons to store their belongings which are not allowed to carry into the Library.
  • Patrons are responsible for all valuables left in lockers

All personal items must not be left in the locker overnight. The Library is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal belongings left in the locker overnight.

Library Locker Rental


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