Library Service Hours

Open Stacks/Reading Room

Monday to Friday:08:00~22:00

Saturday and Sunday:09:00~17:00

Please note:Opening hours will be extended to 23:00 during the week before exams (midterm/final) as well as the exam week.

Group Discussion Rooms

Monday to Friday:08:30~21:30

Saturday and Sunday:09:30~16:30

Reference Desk

Monday to Friday:08:00~21:00

Saturday and Sunday:09:00~17:00

Circulation Desk/Digital Universe The Circulation Desk and Digital Universe begin 30 minutes after opening and close 30 minutes prior to closure.
Closed National Holidays & Flexible Holidays
Summer/Winter Break The Library hours for the summer/winter break will be arranged and announced in due course.

 109 1 hour