Application and System Operation for Five-Categorical Grades

Application Guidelines


  1. After submitting the application through the system, please submit the Five-Categorical Certification Activity Application Form to the Extracurricular Activities Section (if necessary, supporting documents should be attached). (Click to download the Application Form)
  2. Club executives (presidents, treasurers, etc.) should apply after stepping down from their positions.
  3. Choose representative and significant activities for registration. (For example, evaluate whether to register activities such as participating in barbecue events)
  4. The application is not processed immediately upon submission and requires approval from the supervisor of the organizing unit. The FGSA transcript can only be printed after the approval is completed. Please allow sufficient time for the application to avoid affecting your schedule if there are time-sensitive requirements.
  5. If alumni need to apply for or access their FGSA records during their time at the university, please provide a detailed description of the purpose of the application and the specific activity timeline, along with supporting documents, by email to the designated contact person's mailbox (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Upon receiving the application, the reason for the application will be verified, and if necessary, coordination with other administrative units within the university may be required, which may take some time. The retrieval results will be based on the existing system data. If the requested activity records are too old or the system data is insufficient for verification, they cannot be registered.


Application Process

1.Apply – 2. Summit Five-Categorical Certification Activity Application Form – 3. Review Process – 4. Print out Transcript


System Instructions

Please make sure to accurately fill in each field when entering your information.

Login to your personal Portal account - Click on Learning Profile - Access Five-Categorical Activities Application.

The Extracurricular Activities Section is responsible for reviewing the Five Ways of Life activities listed in the table below. Participants can choose appropriate items to apply based on their club involvement experiences.