【Life Guidance Section Announcement】1122 Academic Year Yuan Ze University Awards Application Schedule and Important Notices

■The main idea:Applications for various awards at our school are now open.

■According:The school's student reward system, along with the detailed selection criteria of each evaluating unit, is being implemented.

■Object:Recent graduates of YZU students.


■相關注意事項Important Notices:

  • Gold and Silver awards: Only applicable for achievements in the first semester of the academic year of
  • graduation(112/8/1~113/1/31).      
  • Achievement award: Graduates must apply, supported by achievements over the years.
  • If the achievements of recent graduates fall outside the calculation period, certificates will be granted but no monetary awards.
  • For the same achievement, applicants can only apply for either the Gold or Silver award, not both, and if multiple achievements are submitted for the same category of award, only one will be granted.
  • The allocation of the prize money will be a fixed ratio of the annual budget, with 60% for the Gold award and 40% for the Achievement award. The prize money for each category of award will be evenly distributed among the 'awards,' subject to the maximum amount available for that award. Any remaining balance of the prize money may be reallocated.

Application form:

1. Academic Award Recommendation Application Form

2. Award for Versatility Recommendation Application Form

3. Award for Versatility Recommendation Application Form

4. Physical Education Performance Award Recommendation Application Form

5. Participant Information Form for Sports Team Competitions

■Related Regulations:

1. Reward Details for Students at Yuan Ze University

 Contact: Mrs. Jennifer Chen/extension 2240