1. Students who wish to stay in the dorm during winter vacation MUST apply within the announced time and report to Student Housing Service and follow the application procedure below. (The dorm will be closed during Chinese New Year from 2020. Jan. 23rd to 2020. Feb. 2nd.)

2. Application date for winter vacation accommodation: 2019/12/9

3. Accommodation Period: 2020/1/132/14

4. Applicant qualifications

(1) Undergraduate students (includes Overseas Chinese students, Mainland Chinese students, foreign students, exchange students, dual degree students) that wish to stay in the dorm for winter vacation.

(2) Graduate students don’t need to apply on Portal. However, those who wish to stay in the dorm during the closing period 2020. Jan. 23rd ~ Feb. 2nd MUST report to Student Housing Service Section.

5. Application procedures for Winter Vacation accommodation:

註解 2019 12 05 164959

6. Any foreign students who wish to stay in this period must complete the following procedures (See below), or else neither internet nor access card will be provided.

7. Cafeteria will not be opened during this period.

8. The school military office is opened during the period. If you have an emergency or feel sick, please call 03-4553698.

9. The dorm only provides hot water from the electric heater. Males should take a shower in Section B of Male Dorm 1; Females should head to the shower room nearby room No. 13 of each floor.

10. Please enquire from the Student Housing Service Section if you have any questions (1st floor of Male Dorm 1).