Disinfection time: 2021/05/22(Sat.) 8:30 to 12:00

Disinfection areas:

- Public areas in dormitories (such as self-study lounge, reading rooms, corridors, stairwells, clothes drying rooms, toilets, top floor, and basement, etc ).

- Food courts (Xingxiang and Lexue food courts)

Matters to pay attention:

1. Do not use the self-study lounge, reading rooms, water dispenser and clothes drying room during disinfection.

2. During disinfection, please close room door and window, turn off fan, air conditioner and other electrical appliances, open doors and windows in the public areas, and wait for the disinfection liquid to dissipate before closing.

3. Do not enter the disinfection site within two hours after the application.

4. Cover food utensils. Rinse slightly before use.

5. Sorry for any inconvenience caused during the disinfection.

※ If there is rain, strong wind or other unfavorable factors, the disinfection will be postponed until another time.



學生事務處宿舍服務組 Student Housing Service Section