Announcement Date: 2022/11/15 (Tuesday)


Subject: Application for Spring Semester’s Dormitory Renewal or Withdrawal


1. Renewal period: 111 academic year 2nd semester – 112 academic year 1st semester

2. Application eligibility:

(1) Renewal:

A. International students who moved to the dorm from the spring semester (The second semester)

B. Students with no dormitory violations and point deductions.

C. Students who have not paid or are in arrears with accommodation-related fees are not allowed to apply.

(2) Withdraw:

A. After one year of accommodation: You can apply for voluntary accommodation withdrawal.

B. Special reasons such as graduation, suspension, dropout, long-term off-campus internship, overseas exchange, etc.: You can apply for giving up the bed for special reasons.

3. Application time: From 2022/11/28 to 2022/12/30.

4. Application Location: Student Housing Service Section office(Male dorm 1, 1st floor, Area C)

5. Submission details: please chose one of the following forms.

6. Bed arrangement: Under special circumstances, renewal students will be assigned to their original bed. If you wish to choose your own roommates, please apply at the Student Housing Service Section by 2022/12/30 at 16:00, and complete the transfer by 2023/1/16.

7. Deadline for check-out of this semester: 2023/1/15 for Undergraduate students, 2023/1/31 for Master or Ph.D. students.

8. Check-in date for the next semester: From 2023/2/11 for Undergraduate students; from 2023/2/1 for Master or Ph.D. students.