【Student Housing Service Section Announcement】Application for Dormitory Living Renewal or Withdrawal

  1. Accommodation period: from the beginning of the first semester of 112 school year (112-1 semester) to the end of the second semester of 112 school year (112-2 semester). 
  2. Renewal eligibility  續住申請資格:
    • Foreign students who live in the dormitory from 111-1 semester.
    • Students with no dormitory violations and point deduction. 
    • Students who have not paid or are in arrears with accommodation related fees are not allowed to apply. 
  3. Application time: From 10:00, 2023/05/15 until 17:00, 2023/05/31.
    申請時間:2023/5/15 10:00起至2023/5/31 17:00止。
  4. Submission details: Please submit theYuan Ze University Accommodation Consent Form to the Student Housing Service Office (Male dorm, 1st floor, Area C) before 17:00 am, 2023/05/31.
    資料繳交:「元智大學住宿同意書」請於2023/5/31 17:00前繳交至宿服組辦公室(男一舍1樓C區)。
  5. Payment of accommodation-related fees: Renewal students do not need to repay the deposit, and the accommodation fee will be included into the registration fee of the next semester. Please be sure to complete the payment before moving in.
  6. Bed arrangement: For renewal students, you will be assigned with your original bed. If you want to choose the bed by yourself or change bed, please contact Ms. Su at the Student Housing Service Section.
  7. Deadline for check-out of this semester: 2023/6/17 for Undergraduate students, 2023/07/31 for Graduate students.
  8. If you wish to give up accommodation for 112-1 semester, please fill in the withdrawal form and submit it to the Student Housing Service Office before 05/31, and complete the check-out before the check-out deadline for this semester.