【Student Housing Service Section Announcement】Attention to all international students for summer vacation accommodation

  1. Check out Time for this semester:
    • Undergraduate students - Before JUNE 17th 2023 17:00
    • Master & Ph.D. students – Before JUNE 31st 2023 17:00
  1. Students who want to stay in the dorm during summer vacation MUST apply for summer vacation accommodation in accordance with the regulations.
  2. Application eligibility: International Students
  3. Master, Ph.D. students & Japan Future Enrichment Program Freshmen who need to stay in dorm need to register through the form (https://reurl.cc/klRkLx)  before 5/31.  No extra fee is required for summer vacation accommodation.
  4. Application period: 2023 May 15th~2023 May 31st
  5. Staying period: 2023 June 18th~September 9th (Application for non-continuous periods will not be accepted)
  6. Application process: Portal → Apply for stay during vacation → Print out application form → Signed by GAO/dept./teacher/instructor → Send to Student Housing Service Section for approval → Pay the fee at Office of General Affairs (Building 1) → Deliver the stamped form to Student Housing Service  Section
  7. Accommodation fee:
    Male & Female 1st Dormitory: $120 NTD per day
    Male & Female 2nd Dormitory: $200 NTD per day
  8. Any students who want to stay during this period must complete the procedure above, otherwise accommodation, internet and access card will not be provided.
  9. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Housing Service Section (Male 1 Dorm, 1st Floor, Section C).