2023 Bread Festival │ 2023年麵包節

❗ The annual Bread Festival is just around the corner! ❗

🤩 The Bread Festival has chosen the perfect time to take place this year! 🤩

📍 Date and Time: 10/25 (Wednesday) 18:00 to 21:30.

Have you ever wanted to express your feelings to your loved ones, friends, or family but couldn't find the right moment?
Now is the time! Take this opportunity at the Bread Festival to convey your emotions!
We've got everything covered so you can celebrate worry-free!

📍 Bread 🥖 includes:


     2.Crown of sin

     3.Chocolate Marshmellow

     4.Lava Strawberry

     5.Strawberry Yogurt

     6.Strawberry Chocolate

📍 Booth Location: In front of Building 2, Dormitory Family Mart, Next to Lexue Food Court (Male and Female 2nd dormitory).

     Rainy Day Backup Plan: Cancel Building 2.

📍 Pre-order Period: 10/11 (Wednesday) to 10/17 (Tuesday)

📍 Taste Testing Period: 10/11 (Wednesday) to 10/13 (Friday)

📍 Pre-order Pick-up Times: 10/24 (Monday) 16:30-19:00 10/25 (Tuesday) 16:30-21:00.

Furthermore, if you feel that simply giving bread cannot adequately express your feelings, do not worry!
We have prepared love cards at the pre-order booths. You can request one from the staff when placing your order!
After writing your confession, please bravely drop it into the dormitory counter's Love Letter Box! ❤️‍🔥

📍 Submission Period: 10/11 (Wednesday) to 10/17 (Tuesday)

📢 For pre-orders over NT$150, you will receive a limited edition hand-carried beverage cup holder as a souvenir (limited to 300 pieces, available while supplies last).
Buying bread can also be meaningful! 💕Every time we sell bread, we will donate NT$5 to World Vision.

The most exciting part of the event! This year, we have a special "Matchmaker" activity!
The atmosphere will be elevated by participating in this matchmaking event!

Haven't find your ideal partner yet? Don't be disheartened! 💕
We will randomly select 10 lucky individuals from the bread purchasers. Lucky individuals will receive a mystery gift carefully prepared by us!
Take a moment to look around!❗ Don't miss the Bread Festival this year! 🎉
Join your friends and celebrate the Bread Festival together! ❤️