1.  為維持典禮秩序,畢業生管制區限畢業生著畢業袍入場。 

  2. 家長親友可於畢業生管制區外圍觀禮,亦可至六館1樓有庠廳、60104教室及60105教室視訊觀禮。 

  3. 典禮將線上同步直播,亦可線上觀禮,直播網址將於活動日前公佈於活動網頁。 

  4. 詳細資訊請參閱活動網頁。

  5.  本校全面禁菸,請轉達予蒞校觀禮家長親友。 

                                                    學務處 敬啟

【Announcement】Yuan Ze University 2024 Commencement Ceremony

The 2024 Commencement Ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 8th.
Dear Esteemed Faculty, Staff, Students, and Parents,
In accordance with the resolutions of the university-wide Graduation Ceremony Planning Committee, Yuan Ze University's 2024 Commencement Ceremony will be held in person. To ensure the smooth conduct of the ceremony, the following arrangements have been made:

  1. Restricted Access for Graduates

    To maintain order during the ceremony, access to the graduate-restricted area will be limited to graduates clad in their academic regalia.

  2. Viewing Options for Parents and Friends

    Parents and friends may choose to observe the ceremony from designated areas outside the graduate-restricted zone. Alternatively, they may opt to view the ceremony via live video streaming from 有庠 Hall on the first floor of Building 6, Classroom 60104, or Classroom 60105.

  3. Live Streaming Availability

    The ceremony will be simultaneously broadcast live online. The streaming link will be made available on the event webpage prior to the commencement date.

  4. Comprehensive Information on Event Webpage

    For detailed information regarding the ceremony, please refer to the dedicated event webpage.

  5. Smoke-Free Campus Policy

    Yuan Ze University maintains a strict smoke-free policy. Kindly convey this information to visiting parents and friends.  

    We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and understanding. 

Yuan Ze University


  • 入場時間:6/8(六)當日17:50 各院畢業生集合於一、三館紅磚道,18:15統一入場。

  • 穿著提醒:記得穿著學位服、佩戴學位帽。

  • 安全提醒:五館前主會場畢業生座位區,部分安排於圓環草地區,草地非平整表面,提醒該區同學入座時小心安全,亦請各單位協助轉知同學留意。

  • 全體畢業生撥穗(自行撥穗):請全體畢業生,在進行撥穗流程時,請自行將您的帽穗由右邊放到左邊,完成撥穗儀式。


Attention all graduates

  • Entrance Information

    Date: Saturday, June 8th, 2024

    Time: 5:50 PM - Graduates from each college gather on the red brick path between Buildings 1 and 3.

    Time: 6:15 PM - Unified entrance

  • Dress Code ReminderPlease remember to wear your academic regalia and cap.

  • Safety ReminderSome of the graduate seating areas in the main venue in front of Building 5 are located on the roundabout lawn. The grass is not a flat surface, so please be careful when entering and exiting the area. Please also ask your respective units to inform students to be aware of this.

  • Tassel Ceremony (Self-Tasseling)All graduates, please move your tassel from the right side to the left side of your cap during the tasseling ceremony to complete the tasseling ritual.


  • 提醒台上與會主管及師長入座時間:6/8(六)18:10~18:25前,請台上貴賓、師長準時入座。

  • 為使典禮隆重莊嚴,17:50進場起至施放煙火前,畢業生座位區將管制進出,請教職員工生及親友們配合。

  • 全體畢業生請穿著畢業袍進出場,並請配合管制人員指揮。

  • 本校已安排攝影社拍攝活動照片,活動後將上傳網頁空間,歡迎點選超連結觀賞。

  • 活動照片網址:請點以下連結


Entrance Time and Live Stream Reminder

Attention Graduates, Faculty, and Guests

Please take note of the following important information regarding the 2024 Commencement Ceremony:

  • Dignitaries and Faculty: Please be seated between 6:10 PM and 6:25 PM.

  • Entrance and Exit Restrictions:Access to the graduate seating area will be restricted from 5:50 PM (entrance time) until the conclusion of the fireworks display. Please follow the instructions of the security personnel.

  • All graduates are required to wear their academic regalia for both entrance and exit.

  • Event photos will be available for viewing on the event webpage after the ceremony.

  • Event Photo Gallery URL: Please click the link below.

    Event Live Stream URL: Please click the link below.







VIP Invitation Letter

Parent Invitation Letter







Rain Contingency Plan Activation Time
In case of inclement weather, the Rain Contingency Plan will be activated on Saturday, June 8th, 2024, at 3:00 PM, as instructed by the President and announced by the Dean of Student Affairs.

【Announcement Methods】Email notifications to all units.Microphone announcements by emcees at Building 5 stage.

【 Venues】
Main Venue: 有庠 Hall (Building 6, 1st floor)
Stage Seating: Dignitaries and Faculty
Floor Seating: Dignitaries, Faculty, Graduate Speaker Representatives, Doctoral Candidates Receiving Tassels on Stage, College Tassel Representatives, Lead Singer, and Select Award Recipients
Auxiliary Venues: Classrooms 60105 and 60104 (Building 6, 1st floor)
Floor Seating: Select Award Recipients
Live Stream Classrooms: Classrooms (Buildings 2, 3, and 7, 1st floor)
Floor Seating: Non-Award Recipients and Family Members

Event Organizer:Office of Student Affairs

TEL (03)4638800分機2919、2921、2238