Office Hour: The Office of Academic Affairs is closed for National Holidays.

  • Office of Academic Affairs office hour:

      Regular SemesterMon- Fri 900a.m.500p.m.
      Summer Term Break: Mon-Thu 9
      Winter Term Break: Mon-Fri 900a.m.430p.m.

  • Teaching Service Section- Equipment management office hour:

        Regular SemesterMon- Fri 800a.m.500p.m.
        Summer Term Break: Mon-Thu 900a.m.430p.m.
        Winter Term Break: Mon-Fri 900a.m.430p.m.

Tel(03)463-8800 , ext. 2252

Address135 Yuan-Tung Road, Chung-Li, Taiwan 32003, R.O.C.      

Office of Academic Affairs: 1208R; 2F of Building 1 

Registration Section (Service Desk): 1209R; 2F of Building 1 

Curriculum Section: 1210R; 2F of Building 1 

Admission Section: 1206R; 2F of Building 1 

Teaching Service Section: 1713R; 7F of Building 1 

Teaching Excellence Center: 1711R; 7F of Building 1


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