Grade Entering


Office of Academic Affairs

Yuan Ze University


 January 03 rd , 2023

Receiver:Full-time and part-time teachers in YZU

Purpose:2022 Autumn Semester grade submission ends on January 28th, 2023(Sat.)


              1.Since the Chinese New Year comes this year (begins from Jan.21th), please definitely submit students’ grade  online

                  January  28th 2023(Sat.)  in order to send all the academic transcripts to students.

              2.According to the university rules and regulations: “None of student’s score can be changed once it has been submitted.

                 Individual who doubts about the score shall make written inquiries at the Registration Section. If any score needs to be fixed,

                 then a Score Amendment   Application Form must be filled by the teacher and have relevant documents attached,

                 also it must be signed by the student’s  Department Chair, as well as the Dean and Chair of College offering the course

                (or Chair of College of General Studies if it is referred), then  submit to the Office of Academic Affairs and have it approved

                by the Dean of Academic Affairs. It shall be determined by the Academic  Affairs  Meeting when lacking of clear and

                definite reason, causing controversy or it may lead to disciplinary dismission”.

                Please keep  students’  semester grade for one semester at least for further reference.

             3.How to submit the grade: Through Portal online.

             4.You are not allowed to delay the grade submission only if serious accidents occurred making an individual

                student ask for leave  with approval of Dean of Academic Affairs.

             5.Problems caused by a late grade submission can be briefly listed as following:


                   Unable to confirm the list of student failing over 1/2 of credits taken

                 ◎Problems with graduation, occupation and military service

                 ◎Apply for scholarship

                 ◎Unable to put students in order

                 ◎Unable to evaluate student’s department transfer application

                 ◎Unable to apply for university overseas

                 ◎Parents’ request for a second academic transcript

                 ◎Unable to participate in examinations outside of school

                 ◎Repetitively apply for academic transcripts over the years.

            6.Thank you for the cooperation. Relevant documents and forms can be tracked via:

                 YZU Front Page / Administrative Offices / Office of Academic Affairs / Resource for Teachers / Grade Entering



Registration Section Office of Academic Affairs