Interschool Subject Registration

  • How to register to enroll in a course offered by another university (select course and drop the course), Students must understand and obey both schools' regulations when taking interschool courses.
  • If have a schedule conflict, the score will be zero. Please be sure to fill the right time table in our school system.
  • These regulations are formulated by Article 7 of the Regulations on the Implementation of Distance Education in Colleges and Universities. Students qualified in distance learning courses who also meet the requirements of the Enforcement Rules of the University Act on the calculation of credits shall be awarded credits by Universities, and these credits shall be applied toward required credits for graduation. The total number of distance learning credits shall be limited to half of the credits required for graduation and obtaining an academic degree by a student.
  • Whether a student may take interscholastic courses in distance learning programs at other schools is determined by each department.

Notice of inter-university courses selection at National Central University (NCU), Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) and YZU coalition

  • National Central University (NCU), Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) and YZU have signed the coalition agreement for inter-university courses, staring from the academic year 2016/2017.
  • Students within the coalition are able to enroll in courses in all of the three universities. The courses include single-semester courses only, courses offered during summer sessions are not included.
  • Course selection and accreditation shall be pursuant to relevant regulations of the student's home university. YZU students taken inter-university courses please follow the “Regulations on the Inter-University Course-Select Program”.
  • Full-time students within the coalition, who have completed the procedures of tuition payment and registration at home university,do not need to pay credit fees to other university while taking inter-university courses. YZU non-full-time students taking inter-university courses should pay credit fees to YZU Office of General Affairs, not to other university.YZU students who take summer inter-university courses offered by other university should make the payment to other university.
  • The number of credits earned from the inter-University course-select program is no more than one-third of the total credits received for courses taken during the semester. However, senior or 5th-year undergraduates as well as master and PhD graduates are not limited to the rule above.
  • Universities have different time and period of courses. The conflicts between off-campus courses and on-campus courses should be avoided. The course conflicted will receive no marks without objection.
  • CYCU Course Information:

         NCU Course Information:

  • YZU enrolled students please complete the inter-university courses registration procedure, and print out inter-University course-select application form.

YZU has signed Strategic Alliance Contract with National Taipei University of Business (NTUB). Students of YZU and NTUB can take courses at mutual schools with free credit fees.

Procedures of applying for interschool subject registration for YZU students:

1.Students of all universities and colleges can apply for course. (The acceptance of the course should ask offices of departments for permission)

2.Students should query the information of interschool subject registration and the payment deadline yourselves.

3. YZU homepage/ Portal/ Study File / Interschool Subject Registration.

4.After the department or department head has finished the review, the system will automatically send a mail to the student’s mailbox, asking the student to print out the approval application form. Besides, the curriculum section has already agreed that there is no need to come to university then the student will take the form to other universities to apply for course selection. After completing the procedures of inter-school course selection, return the second copy to the curriculum section to confirm the additional course selection (please try to post the second copy to the curriculum section within the time limit). After the curriculum section reviews the second copy. Those who do not comply with the regulations, such as overlapping time. The application will be disapproved in the final review according to the regulations.It must comply with the regulations of the department, and the "electronic consent" of the curriculum section will take effect.

5.After the completion of the payment and enrollment in others universities, please bring the receipt to the Office of Academic Affairs to file for reference.(please try to post the second copy to the curriculum section within the time limit)

6.The interschool subject registration form should be handed in before the deadline or the application will not be accepted(please try to post the second copy to the curriculum section within the time limit).

Course selection procedures for students from other universities:

Students who are from other universities apply for course selection in YZU (Curses information nationwide click ">here; YZU courses information click">here), the approved interschool subject registration form by their original universities is required. Please complete the procedures of application in the scheduled time. ( " sign-up="""">Courses Sign-up schedule), or the application will not be accepted. Following is the application procedures of course selection in YZU for students from other universities

Course selection procedures for students from other universities

1. Approval from the Departments

Department/ Program Offered the Courses

(Location:    R)

2. Pay for credit fees.

Office of General Affairs/ Finance and Property Management Section; 1F, Building 1 (Location: 1110R)

3. Establish student ID and code.

Office of Academic Affairs/ Registration Section; 2F, Building 1(Location: 1209R)

4. Course selection

Office of Academic Affairs/ Curriculum Section; 2F, Building 1(Location: 1210R)