Teaching Hours and Hourly Pay

Regulations for Faculty’s Teaching Hours 

1. The basic weekly teaching hours required of full-time faculty are as follows:

   (The different requirements in the employment contract of faculty shall take precedence.)

   Ø Chair Professor: 3 hours per week

   Ø Professor: 8 hours per week

   Ø Associate Professor and Assistant Professor: 9 hours per week

   Ø Lecturer: 10 hours per week

   Ø Faculty who has exceeded the basic teaching hours will be disbursed with overtime pay.

2. New assist professors (excluding non-establishment faculty) may apply for four courses reductions in the first two years for two courses each academic year, up to 3 credits per course.

3. Full-time faculty (not including supervisors) supporting Fundamental Computer Programming (college compulsory courses), general studies courses, professional courses taught in English, courses offered by independent degree programs or international bachelor programs approved by Ministry of Education, courses specially designed for students of other departments in interdisciplinary course programs and full-time faculty in independent degree programs or international bachelor programs supporting the courses of other departments can receive overtime pay for such courses (limited to one course per semester), and the hours for such courses are not counted in the stipulated overtime hours. Supervisors supporting such courses can only receive overtime pay, limited to one course per academic year.

4. Part-time instructors shall be disbursed hourly pay based on actual teaching hours, up to 4 hours per semester.

5. Faculty for courses adopting diversity instructional methods may apply for diversity instruction additional pay (to be suspended in case the instructor in on leave) after approval in accordance with the Regulations Governing Diversity Instruction Course Review.

6. Faculty for large-class instruction can receive large-class additional pay (to be disbursed to substitute instructor in case the instructor in on leave).

7. Apply for matters related to the teaching hours, deductions, hourly pay and additional pay disbursement of Yuan Ze University in accordance with the regulations as follows:

Regulations on Teaching Load and Hourly Pay

Application Forms