Lecture Hours Policy

1.Normal lecture hours for full-time faculty members per week are as follows:

Ø Chair Professor: 3 hours per week

Ø Professor: 8 hours per week

Ø Associate Professor and Assistant Professor: 9 hours per week

Ø Instructor: 10 hours per week

Ø Faculty will be entitled to overtime pay for hours in excess of normal hours stated above except as provided in other regulations

2.For encouraging full-time faculty members to offer GE Course and making their expertise to be easy to understand, the full-time faculty members (including part-time chief officers) whose lecture hours consisting of one GE Course are eligible for overtime pay when their overtime hours are beyond the limit of overtime hours as defined in the University regulations.

3.English-only class (Not English Course) hourly pay is 1.3times the regular hourly pay rate.

4.New Assistant Professors can apply for a decrease of a total of 4 courses within two years after employed.

Relevant Regulations

Yuan Ze University Required Faculty Teaching Load and Teaching Hour Waiver

Table of Standard Hourly Pay Rate (NTD per Hours)

Application Forms

Statement of Retained Lecture Hours (For YZU Full-time Faculty)

YZU Course Application for Specific Approach In Teaching

YZU Application for Changing Lecture Hours


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