Course Reduction


Applicant Qualifications

Undergraduate students:

   Undergraduate students shall not take less than 16 credits or more than 25 credits each semester during the 1st to 3rd academic year. And shall not take less than 9 credits or more than 25 credits in the 4th academic year. The reduction application of students who have been approved by the department is unrestricted by the content mentioned.

   Students who extend their studies can select the courses for wish and do not need to apply for the course reduction. The students who take no courses still need to register.

Graduate students:

   No application is required  for graduated students since no minimum credit is limited.

Application Procedure and Notice

1. Portal →Study File →Course Reduction →Fill in your reason for application →Submit(Each department can modify its course reduction regulations to meet the needs of the department, and can also inform student's parents the credits reduced in the current semester.)→Once it’s been approved, students can reduce the course online during the course selection period.

2. The minimum credit for Course Reduction Application shall not be 0 credits. Except for exchange students, the students shall still take at least one course each semester (not excluding physical education and Service-learning). Violators shall suspend from school.

Application Period

   Refer to the Course Selection Schedule

Application Form Download

   Parental Consent Form (Agreement on Reduce-Course-Load) 

   Starting from 2024 Fall Semester, there is no need to submit the Parental Consent Form for course reduction.