Academic Ethics

 1.    Taiwan Research Ethics Education Promotion Resource Center

2.     Please refer to the attached file for the Operation Manual Mandatory Students English Guide (including Chinese/English versionversion)

        ◎ The Process of Login

(1)  Mandatory Students: Please select “Mandatory Student必修學生

(2)School: Please choose “Yuan Ze University”

(3) Account: Your student ID number as account  name. (Please fill in the first letter of your student ID no. in lower-case letter, e.g. s112xxxx)  Please do not register a new account by yourself.

(4) Password: The default password is the last 5 digits of your student ID.(e.g. 2xxxx)

( Please remember the updated password.) 

(5)   Enter authentication code

(6)  Then press “Login”

(7)  If you unable to login, please wait a moment. Please do not register a new account by yourself.

3.    Yuan Ze University Academic Research Ethics Education Course Implementation Highlights (The implemented targets will be graduate program [including Executive Master] and doctoral students starting from the 2016 academic year of enrollment.)

4.     Yuan Ze University Regulations for Violations of Academic Ethics