Online survey for learning from Oct. 19, 2021 ~ Nov. 01, 2021.

Dear students,

The University is going to launch an online survey activity on June 8. Your participation in this survey activity will help your instructors with not only mastering your learning progress but also delivering lectures with high quality. Students who enroll in the English camp courses and PE courses will be also required to participate in the online survey activity during the final period of a term.

Full details of this activity are revealed as follows:

ØActivity Period: June 3, 2021 ~ June 16, 2021.

ØHow to enter the questionnaires webpage:

Step 1: Log into Portal

Step 2: Click “New Questionnaire” to enter the questionnaire webpage

Step 3: Click “My Course Questionnaire” to enter the course questionnaire webpage  

ØStudents who complete end-of-first semester and beginning-of-second semester questionnaires for 2021 school year will have a chance to receive a priority enrollment appointment as described below.

ØPriority Enrollment policy: quotas set for priority enrollment

- For the class with a maximum number of 35 students, the quota on priority enrollment is 5.

- For the class with students between 36 and 70, the quota on priority enrollment is 10.

- For the class with a maximum number of 71 students, the quota on priority enrollment is 15.

The above policy is merely applied to elective courses and students who complete all online questionnaires.

Meanwhile, your personal information is kept private.

Thank you for your participation.

Teaching Services Section Office of Academic Affairs