【Important Notice】In response to the pandemic, please cooperate with the teaching measures in the semester of 111-1 .

Dear all, 

1. The school will maintain in-person classes in the semester of 111-1. Please pay attention to the announcements from the departments, colleges, or education offices. Wear masks and practice personal hygiene.

2. Advised by the MOE, the university will provide flexible learning mechanisms to assist the international students who cannot arrive in Taiwan as scheduled.

3. If students cannot attend the in-person classes as scheduled (international students, home quarantine students, etc.), teachers can use the following teaching methods with these students: (1) Synchronous Online Learning or (2) Blended Learning (Synchronous + Asynchronous Online Learning). Please inform these students of the adjusted class method. If you cannot reach these international students, please contact the GAO to notify them instead.

4. The GAO and the Registration Section will provide the list of students who have registered (or deferred registration) but cannot return to school as scheduled (staying in a quarantined hotel, delaying entry, etc.). The Curriculum Section will sort out the course selection list and forward it to the department secretaries to notify the teachers after the 3rd phase of Online Course Selection (12 p.m., Sep. 19th). If a student selects a course during this period, we kindly ask the department secretary to notify the teacher that there is a new student in his/her class. 

5. The student’s nationality can be found in the student list in Portal. We kindly ask teachers (or TAs) to take a roll call in Portal, and actively care for the students who cannot return to school as scheduled. 

Description of teaching methods:

Synchronous Online Learning

Synchronous online classes run in real time. Students can ask questions and interact with teachers in a timely manner via voice and messaging. All course materials and lecture videos must be saved. 

※The instruction of Microsoft Teams → 同步學習

 The Ministry of Education, the instruction of online learning 

 If you have any technical problems, please contact the Office of Library and Information Services.  

Asynchronous Online Learning

Provide students with video recordings, including computer screen recordings (PPT, Word, web pages, etc.) and teacher's voice/image. Students can watch the video any time before the deadline. All course materials and lecture videos must be saved. 

※The instruction of the screen recording software, OBS Studio 

※YZU→Administration→Office of Academic Affairs→Resource for Teachers→Class Equipment

If you have any technical problems, please contact the Teaching Services Section of OAA.  

We appreciate your cooperation. 


Curriculum Section of Office of Academic Affairs