List of 1111-Semester Unqualified Prerequisite Students.

Announcement Office of Academic Affairs

Date: 2022/09/02

  1. Subject: List of 1111-Semester Unqualified Prerequisite Students.
  2. Statement:
  • See the list of unqualified prerequisite students who are not allowed to take the course referred and should drop it at the Stage III online course sign-up period.
  • If errors occurred on the list referred, individual students should contact the Curriculum Section, Office of Academic Affairs, and provide relevant evidence by 2022/09/13 (Tue.) 12:00 p.m.
  • The course(s) mentioned below will be dropped by the Office of Academic Affairs after the deadline.
  • The third stage of 1111 online course sign-up 

    Period:2022/09/05(Mon.)12:00 p.m.~2022/09/19(Mon.)12:00 p.m.   

    2022/09/05(Mon.):The first day is only open to senior students, undergraduate students who postpone graduation, and all registered graduate students.

    2022/09/06(Tue.):1111 online courses sign-up for all the students.


  Curriculum Section, Office of Academic Affairs