Student Activity: Welcome to apply for “112-2 Theme-based Study Group”.


📢📢📢Event Announcement📢📢📢

【112-2 Theme - based Study Group】

As the new semester start, we invite students to participate in our Theme-based Study Group. You have the freedom to choose a topic that interests you, whether it’s the 50 classics that Yuan Ze students must read, original novels, psychology, literature, or any other subject. Whether you wish to study alongside fellow club members to deepen your expertise, explore new knowledge across various fields, or even enhance your English skills for language exams, the book club provides an excellent opportunity to team up with classmates and plan a reading schedule, cultivate team spirit, and further develop reading habits. The event offers subsidies for book purchases and prizes for reading reflections, with a prize of up to 🏆NT$12,000!  The application process is now open. Don’t miss out—gather your classmates and form a team. Let’s embark on this reading journey together! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️📚

📚Please check the Theme-based Study Group website for more information.📚

The process to obtain the 50 classics certificate of Yuan Ze University.


📢📢📢Upcoming Event📢📢📢

【112-1 Theme - based Study Group Winner and Experience Sharing

Time: Wednesday, 3/06, 12:00-13:50
Location: R1102

If you didn’t get to join a team last semester, you are invited to hear from the winning teams and discover the fun of reading. You can also form a team and join this semester’s activity.

Registration link :