Unlock Your English Potential with Reading: Welcome to apply for “112-2 Theme-based Study Group”.


📢📢📢Event Announcement📢📢📢

【112-2Theme - based Study Group】

Reading alone always makes one want to be lazy or ineffective? 😓💤Why not gather everyone to read together? 📜🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
Join an English study group (limited to English books), with a higher subsidy limit than the Chinese group and a book purchase subsidy of NT$7,000. ✨
To strengthen your English professional knowledge, you can invite classmates who excel in English to lead and assist those who need it to form a study group together. As a group, arrange a reading plan, fill in progress reports during the study group execution period, and eliminate excuses for laziness. Discuss and read original books with members to enhance your English ability. 💪💪💪


📚Please check the Theme-based Study Group website for more information.📚




📢📢📢Upcoming Event📢📢📢

【112-1 Theme - based Study Group Winner and Experience Sharing

Time: Wednesday, 3/06, 12:10-13:50
Location: R1102

If you didn’t get to join a team last semester, you are invited to hear from the winning teams and discover the fun of reading. You can also form a team and join this semester’s activity.

Registration link : https://portalx.yzu.edu.tw/PortalSocialVB/FPage/PageActivityDetail.aspx?Menu=Act&ActID=11364