Updated 113-1 Course Schedule.


Office of Academic Affairs


Subject: Updated 113-1 Course Schedule.


1、The List of the courses Schedule(Please refer to following links for the updated version.) (Announcement published at the Office of Academic Affairs shall prevail.)


(1) For the courses with time adjustment (including required course), course selection system will delete the old time selection and add in the new time selection automatically.

(2) If the add-in course with new time causes course schedule conflict, Curriculum Section will inform the student by e-mail.  Student will have to delete the overlapping course before enrolling deadline.

(3) During Stage II and  Stage III course selection period, if students drop of the course that has reached the maximum capacity, the quota won’t be released immediately but after a period (e.g., 10 minutes or 1 hour) randomly.

(4) Period:2024/6/13(Thu.)12:00 p.m.~ 2024/6/19(Wed.)12:00 p.m. 

  • The first day 2024/6/13(Thu.)12:00 p.m. is open only to fourth-year students and the prolonged study students of the two-year undergraduate program, and graduate students.
  • The second day 2024/6/14(Fri.)12:00 p.m. is open for all students.

(5) On-line course selection system:

Office of Academic Affairs, Curriculum Section