Stage I computer random-selection schedule and notification


Office of Academic Affairs

Subject:Stage I computer random-selection schedule and notification.


(一)Period2018/12/17 (Mon.)12:00 p.m.~2018/12/20  (Thu.) 12:00 p.m.

(二)Target audienceLimited to the students with course selection priority, of which the priority and courses mentioned should refer to the announcement (general students please attend Stage II).

(三)Associate announcementPress here to download the list of the courses that exceed the maximum limit.

(四)Path to the computer random-selection referred:YZU homepage/Portal/Academics/Elective System/Drawing of Lots for Course Pre-selection (Students with Priority for Course Selection).

*If individuals do not attend the computer random-selection, it will be regarded as disclaim the course selection.

Office of Academic Affairs, Curriculum Section