【Announcement of 1082 Credit-taken Unqualified Students 】Must have it handled by Mar. 16th, 2020 or will be ordered to withdraw from schooling

Subject: List of 1082-Semester Credit-taken Unqualified Students


  • Undergraduate students of all departments shall not take less than 16 credits or more than 25 credits of courses each semester from their 1st to 3rd academic years and shall not take less than 9 credits or more than 25 credits of courses in their 4th academic year. However, under special circumstances, the minimal credit requirement can be lowered with the consent of the department/college/program chairperson. Students should at least take one course in one semester (not included physical education and service-learning courses). (Exchange students are not under this limitation) Violators shall be ordered to withdraw from schooling. (YZU Study Regulation Rule 13)

 2. Course reduction:

*If your course credits are insufficient or below your course reduction credits. Those students have to apply the course reduction again.

*University students who can’t return to Taiwan due to the disease.Those students won’t restrict by the minimum number of credits requirement for graduation per semester. (The minimum number of credits requirement: first grade to third grade students are 16 credits; fourth grade students are 9 credits.) And those student don’t have to apply the course reduction.

 [Procedure of Re-Application for Reduced Course Load]

Time: ~ 16th September, 2020 (Monday) 12:00.

Procedure: Portal →Study File →Course Reduction →Fill in your reason for application →Submit(Parental Consent Form will need to be verified in the office of department)→Once it’s been approved

3. Credit-taken Unqualified Students must apply for reducing course load before the deadline of Re-Application (10th March ~ 16th March, 2020. 12:00  ) (*Application for dropping courses is not allowed) Students taken unqualified credits will be ordered to withdraw from schooling.

*The Re-Application is only for Credit-taken Unqualified Students, other students are not allowed to apply for reducing courses load and dropping courses.

4. Please see the attached file for “List of 1082-Semester Credit-taken Unqualified Students” and “Parental Consent Form Form of Application for Reduced Course Load”