Apply for Double Major

 Application Qualification

 The university’s undergraduate students may apply for a double major in two departments with different academic focus beginning with their second semester of study until the first semester of their final year; however, departments of four-year undergraduate program and of Two-year On-job Undergraduate Program shall not be the double major for each other. Applicant’s average score of the previous semester shall be above 70 points or their academic score standing shall be within the first 40% of the class.

Application flow

1. According to the date of application on calendar, get application at One-Stop Service.

2. Fill out the courses you want to take, and transcript attached.

3. Require signature and approval of major and minor chairman, and hand in the application to joint Registration Section



1. To be eligible to graduate with a double-major as well as to be awarded with the bachelor’s degree, students shall complete all courses and credits required by their second major in addition to meeting the number of course credits required by the original major.

2. In cases where courses in the two departments are substantially similar, it is up to the department in which the student is pursuing the second major to decide whether such courses taken in the original major can be used to fulfill course requirements in the second major. If the completed required course or general education course in the second major is similar to that of the original major, the original major’s department may decide to accept that course as an elective course to fulfill credit requirement for graduation.

3. If a second major puts restrictions on the order of taking courses, students shall comply with all the regulations in completing the requirements. The course credits completed both in the original major and the second major shall be merged and computed on the whole; merged credits shall not exceed the maximum or below the minimum credits required for each semester.

4. The credits and the academic scores of the courses completed by double major students, both in the original and in the second major, must be merged and computed on the whole; credits of the second major shall be counted into the total credits of a semester, total credits of passed courses, academic average scores, and credits of failed courses reaching the standard for withdrawal from schooling.

5. Double-major students who have completed the course and credit requirements for their original major but have not yet completed those for the second major during their allotted period of study or within the allowed two-year extended period of study may extend their study for one more year or relinquish their double major and graduate with their original major. However, students who have completed the course and credit requirements for the second major but have failed to complete those for their original major shall be asked to withdraw from the university and their graduation qualifications for the second major shall not be recognized.


Yuan-Ze University Regulations for Students Taking Double Major