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Advantages of Cross-disciplinary Learning through Minor Programs and Double Majors at Yuan Ze University

Yuan Ze University's unique minor programs and double majors provide students with opportunities to explore multiple disciplines. These programs not only emphasize academic depth but also focus on cultivating students' comprehensive literacy, innovative thinking, and interdisciplinary abilities.

By exposing students to knowledge from different fields, these programs enhance students' innovation and problem-solving skills, making them more competitive and adaptable. Additionally, students' global perspectives and cultural understanding are enhanced, contributing to the cultivation of diverse talents.

We hope that more students can participate in these enriching and challenging academic experiences, exploring the endless possibilities of knowledge!

Minor Programs: Broadening Perspectives in Disciplines
Minor programs refer to studying courses in another related or different field alongside the major. Yuan Ze University offers a diverse range of minor options. Through minor courses, students can gain in-depth understanding of multiple disciplines and cultivate interdisciplinary abilities and thinking patterns. The comprehensive learning experience of minor programs helps enhance students' competitiveness, enabling them to meet the increasingly complex and diverse social demands.

Double Majors: Integrating Across Boundaries
Compared to minor programs, double majors are more in-depth and comprehensive. Double majors require students to simultaneously pursue required courses in two different disciplines, encouraging them to transcend disciplinary boundaries and explore connections and interactions between different fields. Through double majors, students not only acquire broader knowledge but also cultivate the ability to solve complex problems and adopt flexible thinking patterns.

 Application Qualification

The university’s undergraduate students may apply for a minor study at a different department beginning from their second semester of study.

Application flow

1. According to the date of application on calendar, get application at One-Stop Service.

2. Fill out the courses you want to take, and transcript attached.

3. Require signature and approval of major and minor chairman, and hand in the application to joint Registration Section.



1. The course requirements for all minors offered at the university shall comply with the respective course requirement lists for the respective departments and must include at least 18 credits for professional courses. In addition, each department offering a minor has the right to require students to take at least 27 credits of elective courses.

2. Credit hours of the minor shall be completed in addition to the minimum credits required for graduation by the original department.

3. The credits and the academic scores of the courses completed by students taking a minor, both in the original major and in the minor, must be merged and computed on the whole; relevant matters shall be processed in accordance with the university’s study regulations as well.

4. After the completion of all course and credit requirements for the minor, students’ diploma shall be noted with the department name of the minor. Students’ diploma shall not be noted with the department name of the minor if they do not complete the course and credit requirements for their minor, and they shall not request for additional extension of study beyond the limited period of extension to finish these requirements.


Yuan-Ze University Regulations for Students Taking Minor